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Simon Cowell University
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History Course Descriptions:

HIS 101     Simon Cowell: 1959-1975
Exploration of Simon Cowell's youth, from birth through the age of 16.
HIS 102     Simon Cowell: 1976-2002 (Pre-Requisite: HIS 101)
Discussion of Simon Cowell's adult life, ages 16-42.
HIS 301     Simon Cowell: 2002-2004 (Pre-Requisite: HIS 201)
Exploration of Simon Cowell's life since his rise to fame in 2002.  Chronicles events beginning with the first airing of Pop Idol, through his temporary move to the United States for American Idol 1 through 5.  Syllabus to change with Fall 2004 semester to cover Cupid and The X Factor.
HIS 401     History of Women: 1976-Present
Course follows Simon Cowell's dating and sexual history, from age 16 to present.  Includes examinations of why past relationships were unsuccessful and methods for avoiding other women's mistakes.

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