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Simon Cowell University
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Psychology Course Descriptions:

PSY 101     Psychology of Men


An overview of the male psyche, with special attention paid to the psychology of Simon Cowell.


PSY 102     Psychology of Simon Cowell  (Pre-Requisite: PSY 101)


An in-depth study of the psychological profile of Simon Cowell.  Emphasis on information procurement and historical methods of behavior modification.


PSY 201     Psychology of Sexuality in Theory


A look at the psychological basis of eroticism, arousal, and the importance of fantasy.  No prerequisite; all students are already fantasizing about Simon Cowell and no further screening is necessary.


PSY 202      Psychology of Sexuality in Practice (Pre-requisite: PSY 201)


Explores practical methods of fostering creativity and igniting arousal.  Course is specific to the practice of sex with Simon Cowell.


PSY 301      Psychology of Courtship


Studies nurturing Simon Cowell through the dating phase to proposal of marriage.  Includes practical advice for subtle manipulation, as he is unlikely to reach the altar if left to his own devices.


PSY 302      Psychology of Marriage  (Pre-Requisite: PSY 301)


An overivew of the dynamic between spouses with attention paid to conflict management and unpleasant task negotiation.


PSY 401     Behavior Change Methods  (Pre-Requisite: PSY 102)


As wonderful as Simon Cowell certainly is, no doubt his wife will find behavior she would wish to change.  Course offers practical methods for subtle behavior modification.


PSY 420     Juvenile Delinquency


An overview of young Simon Cowell's indiscretions, with methods of anticipating offenses from Mr. Cowell's future children.  Some practical advice on parenting a bus-hijacking teenaged boy is given. Fire extinguisher use is also discussed.