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Simon Cowell University
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Visual and Performing Arts Course Descriptions:

VPA 101     The Art of the Striptease
VPA 201     Fundamentals of Role Play
An overview of various types of role-play, with some practical instruction.  Topics include: S&M, Headmaster/Student, Doctor/Patient, Playmate/Party Guest, etc.  Costuming is discussed.  Emphasis on student in submissive role, though some dominance instruction is given.
VPA 301     Beginning Sado-Masochism (Pre-Requisite: VPA 201)
Explores the theory and practice of Sado-Masochism.  Student learns both the submissive and dominant roles and practices.  Emphasis is on "light play", including the use of silk scarves for bondage and blindfolds as a method of heightening effectiveness of tactile stimulation.

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