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Sensory Hallucinations
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Hallucinations are sensory perceptions that are unrelated to outside events - in other words, seeing or hearing things that are not there.
Types of Sensory Hallucinations include: 

Simon Cowell-related, Positive
Patients suffering from Positive Simon Cowell Sensory Hallucinations (PSCSH) report seeing Simon's head on every body they pass, from men, women and children to pets and store mannequins.

Filmstrip Title:

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Disorder may also present as auditory instead of visual:
"This is Simon Cowell, live from the White House."
"Roll the Simon into a round, then cut using a pastry wheel."
"See Simon Run."
Terri Seymour-related, Positive
More serious than PSCSH, Positive Terri Seymour Sensory Hallucinations is similar in that Terri's head appears on all bodies encountered, but is often accompanied by Impulse Control Disorder manifested as uncontrolled rage and destructive behavior. We would show you some examples here, but we decided to spare you.
You're Welcome.

Auditory form examples:
"Remember to spay or neuter your Terri Seymour." -ASPCA
"Cases of Terri have risen more than 40% in China since January, prompting renewed concern among health officials. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta..."
"Scoop your Terri."
Terri Seymour-related, Negative
We should all be so lucky as to have Negative Terri Seymour Sensory Hallucinations.  In these cases, Terri disappears from view altogether.

Ahhh...MUCH better!